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If you require end of tenancy cleaning of the highest standard, choose SYK Cleaning. At SYK Cleaning, we have an excellent track record when it comes to helping our clients get their deposits returned to them. We only ever use the most powerful eco-friendly cleaning materials available to us and are passionate about providing the best end of tenancy cleaning services possible. All of our professional cleaning teams are fully-insured. Why not get your free quote today? Don’t take risks with an inferior service – choose SYK Cleaning to return your home to the finest standard of cleanliness.

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Many tenants find it hard to get their deposits back, even when they feel there is no reason for anything to be deducted from their bonds. At SYK Cleaning, we give you the best chance of getting your deposit back by providing professional end of tenancy cleaning of the highest standard once your rental agreement comes to an end. We have been in the industry for many years and have seen many competitors come and go since we first entered the business.

It’s easy to feel exploited when your deposit is not returned to you. When you enlist our services, you can ensure your landlord has no reason to withhold your deposit due to a lack of cleanliness. Some companies promise to deliver first-class end-of-tenancy services, yet the outcome can leave a lot to be desired. We are passionate about providing the most impressive service we possibly can. We know exactly how it feels to have your deposit withheld from you unfairly and offer a simple plan to help you get back what is owed to you. Rather than providing an unrealistic ‘deposit back’ guarantee, we provide the cleaning guarantee to optimise the chances of your deposit being returned to you if we don’t get it right the first time.

Why Choose Us?

Our vast experience means we know exactly what landlords are looking for at the end of tenancies, and we have even developed End of Tenancy Cleaning guides and checklists to help our clients.

SYK Cleaning is home to several highly-experienced professional cleaning teams, with all team members being thoroughly trained and insured. We only ever use professional, eco-friendly cleaning materials and adhere to the highest standards, with a large number of tenants using our services repeatedly. In the unlikely event, your landlord is unhappy, or we miss something on our checklist, we will return to clean the property free of charge as part of our cleaning guarantee.

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Why wait any longer to get in touch if you require professional end of tenancy cleaning from a market-leading firm?

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices


£ 95
  • Cleaning Prices from £95
  • Move out + Carpet Cleaning from £115

One Bedroom

£ 125
  • Cleaning Prices from £125
  • Move out + Carpet Cleaning from £140

Two Bedroom

£ 155
  • Cleaning Prices from £155
  • Move out + Carpet Cleaning from £185

Three Bedroom

£ 195
  • Cleaning Prices from £195
  • Move out + Carpet Cleaning from £240

Four Bedroom

£ 280
  • Cleaning Prices from £280
  • Move out + Carpet Cleaning from £360

You are probably wondering about end of tenancy cleaning prices.

Cost is often one of the main reasons why people feel that they should do the end of tenancy clean themselves instead of getting a company to do it. So how much does a cleaner cost? Well, that will depend on precisely what you need doing and of course the size of the property involved. On our website, we have a clear table that gives you an idea of the sort of price that you are looking at for an end of tenancy clean, with or without carpet cleaning. We offer cheap end of tenancy cleaning, but don’t be fooled by the price. The clean you will get from us will be complete and thorough, and it’s also wise to remember that all SYK cleaners refer to an industry-approved end of tenancy checklist relevant to the London lettings market to ensure your property is left sparkling and your deposit is returned in full!

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Kitchen Move Out Cleaning

Kitchen end-of-tenancy cleaning is very essential. When we prepare your kitchen for the next tenancy, we remove bugs, mould, leftover food, hot grease, spills, unpleasant smells, wall stains and much more. We can clean refrigerators, cupboards and ovens inside out, emptying out the contents of drawers and removing all traces of food. Once the process is completed, future tenants should have no problem making themselves at home in the kitchen and should feel completely safe and comfortable with utilising its facilities.

Bathroom Move Out Cleaning

It’s no surprise to learn that bathrooms require a great deal of cleaning work when tenancies come to an end. We provide a range of cleaning services for bathrooms, including de-scaling and polishing shower screens, degreasing and polishing wall tiles, de-scaling, drying and rubbing baths, showers, taps, basins and fittings. We can also de-scale and brush clean your toilet, clean and polish mirrors and wash and sanitise floors. Once we have carried out the work, you can expect your bathroom to be gleaming to a showroom standard.

Bedroom Move Out Cleaning

We are also noted for the quality of our bedroom cleaning services. We can clean bedrooms to a hotel standard, removing all evidence of your tenancy. This service includes wiping and dusting all items in the space, such as skirting boards, light fixtures, doors and door frames, carpets, switches, furniture and sockets to ensure the room is entirely ready for its next inhabitant or inhabitants. We can clean and vacuum underneath furniture and change bed sheets if required. Remember, in the unlikely event that your landlord or agent is unhappy with the thorough service that we have provided, we can return for a second clean, free-of-charge.

Living Room Move Out Cleaning

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to carrying out end-of-tenancy cleans for lounges and living rooms. When we clean your couch, we will dust and clean everything to perfection, including bookcases, window sills, skirting boards, tables, cabinets, carpets, cupboards and everything else. Lounges tend to be home to various awkward areas, which is why it makes so much sense to get the professionals on board to ensure the job is completed to the highest standard. We also clean electrical items including switches, plug sockets and everything else.

Hallway Move Out Cleaning

We spend ample time on cleaning hallways to remove dirt and dust. Hallway cleaning services we provide, include cobweb removal, mirror cleaning, curtain rail cleaning, polishing, vacuuming upholstery, door cleaning, skirting board cleaning, mopping and the cleaning of switches, plugs, fitting, lampshades, sockets and bulbs.


Leaving your property spotlessly clean gives you a great chance of getting 100% of your deposit back. We aim to leave your property looking just as good as it did when you first entered it. Should the cleaning services we provide fall short of your expectations or those of your landlord, we will return to the property to repeat the cleaning process for free until you are satisfied. We provide non-intrusive cleaning so you can go about your business as if we weren’t there, with all our cleaner being fully-insured, trained and supervised.

We are one of the area’s most trusted end of tenancy cleaning services in London. There are many great reasons for hiring a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning company rather than carrying out the work yourself.

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We offer . Cleaning

But don’t be fooled by the price -the clean you will get from us will be complete and thorough and it’s also wise to remember that all SYK cleaners refer to an industry-approved end of tenancy checklist relevant to the London lettings market to ensure your property is left sparkling and your deposit is returned in full!

Property TypeEnd of Tenancy Cleaningincl. Carpet Cleaning
Studio105 from £95125 from £115
One Bedroom135 from £125150 from £140
Two Bedroom165 from £155195 from £185
Three Bedroom205 from £195250 from £240
Four Bedroom290 from £280380 from £360

5 Star Cleaning Reviews

Jan Taprogge
Jan Taprogge
Google Local Guide · Level 5
End of tenancy cleaning was amazing, we would have not thought the place could look so spotless! Full deposit back! Great job, definitely can recommend the team that works in the Wimbledon area!
Sophie Williams
Google Review
I had End of tenancy cleaning with them and they did a great service. It was so easy to make a booking and the price was really reasonable. My agency was so happy with their cleaning standard and I got my full deposit back! Thank you ! For sure will use you again
Annabel Jackson
Google Review
Very happy with our end of tenancy cleaning which SYK Cleaning did for us - very professional service and very good prices, thank you very much for your help . Now we get our full deposit back
Amelie Bages
Google Review
Very happy with the service provided, the team was very responsive by emails and clear on prices and what would be included in the cleaning. They did a great job on the day and I got the totality of my deposit refunded. They also have very competitive prices including curtains and carpet steam cleaning. I definitely recommend!
Magdalena Bobeva
Google Review
Had a great experience using SYK cleaning.First time using them so was happy with the results.My place is spotless! I would definitely use them again. Highly recommended
Donna Richards
Google Review
Highly recommend ! I had end of tenancy cleaning session with them and I am so impressed of the result. The most important is that i got my full deposit! Thank you!
Pamela Lee
Google Review
I hire SYK cleaning recently to do the end of tenancy cleaning session of my house and would like to share how impressed I am from the whole process. It was so easy to make booking with them , their customer service is extremely friendly. On the day of the service the team arrive on time and I left them in the property to do the cleaning session, couple of hours later my house was looking sparkling! I was ready to move in again. Thank you for all your help, I just got my full deposit back!
Jay Cooke
Google Review
The SYK cleaning service was referred to me by a friend who claimed their service was extremely reliable and ranged from great to excellent. So I gave them a call and they did indeed manage to fit in my schedule, had no problem finding the place, did not bother me with questions or requests, felt like they knew what they were doing... It worked out great and now I have a cleaning company as hustle free on my end as possible

Landlords and agents require professional cleaning to ensure the property is ready for the next tenant. The vast majority of tenants expect properties to be immaculately clean when they move in. At SYK Cleaning, we have a cleaning checklist which we adhere to, which includes everything from woodwork and washing machines to light fittings and plug sockets. Deep cleans often need to be intensive, but you can count on us to carry out all the work that needs to be done no matter how demanding the job is.

Though reasonable signs of wear and tear may be accepted, there should be no other signs of occupancy. To achieve this, we use special cleaning techniques and industry-standard equipment. We are able to remove thick grease, ground on limescale and even return ovens to showroom condition, cleaning carpets to the highest standard without causing shrinkage, stretching, colour fading or locking in stains.
Though some landlords will ask you to use a specific cleaning company, you may not need to do this unless it is stated in the contract. We can generally match any quote for quality end-of-tenancy cleans you’re given elsewhere. To find out more about our cleaning guarantee, contact us today.

Most tenants are instructed to hire end-of-tenancy cleaning before they move out of rented accommodation. While some landlords don’t mind who carries out the cleaning as long as it is done to the highest standard, many tenants find that they just don’t have the time, skill or experience needed to meet expectations. A large number of property disputes are related to the cleanliness of properties. In fact, research carried out by the Deposit Protection Scheme found that over half of deposit disputes were linked to purity or the lack of it. When landlords are unhappy with the standard of cleaning, they will often hire a cleaning company and deduct the cost of this from deposits. As they have no real incentive to hire an affordable company, they may directly hire the most expensive company on the market, which may not even be the best service available, which can mean you are losing more money than necessary.

To prevent this from happening, it’s best to hire an end-of-tenancy cleaning company yourself.

End-of-tenancy cleaning usually includes properties being cleaned thoroughly from top-to-bottom. It can consist of surfaces, carpets, walls, windows, tiles, floors and furniture being cleaned to the highest standard, with cleaning professionals using their skills and specialist equipment to reach areas that amateurs may find hard to access. Landlords will generally insist on dishwashers and washing machines being cleaned thoroughly too. Even missing the smallest detail can result in deposits being lost.

To ensure you are complying with all expectations, you should check your inventory report. This will include a wealth of information about the state of the property when you moved into it and should have been produced by an impartial third-party. It is essential to check the validity of your inventory report as soon as you move in so you can’t be penalised for something that isn’t right. You could even take pictures of the property as soon as you move in to resolve disputes further down the line.

Your landlord cannot expect the property to be cleaned to a higher standard than it was when you moved in. The Office of Fair Trading has stated that you can choose your own cleaning methods as long as the property is clean when it is handed back to the landlord or agent. When cleaning takes place, it’s vital that nothing is missed, because your landlord will almost certainly notice. Opting for a standard clean rather than a deep cleaning service won’t usually be enough to get your deposit back. It’s vital that you’re not swayed by low prices alone when looking for cleaning companies. If you pay too little, it’s likely that the standard of cleanliness won’t be acceptable. It’s rarely advisable that you carry out the cleaning yourself to save money. Professional cleaning companies such as SYK Cleaning use professional-standard chemicals and equipment to get the job done right. You may need to prove you have had the property professionally cleaned, so remember to keep hold of your invoice or receipt once cleaning has taken place.

There are many great reasons for hiring SYK Cleaning when you require end-of-tenancy cleans for getting your deposit back. Using our services can save you a great deal of time. Moving house is incredibly time-consuming, and chances are you’ll have a host of non-cleaning tasks to attend to when moving from A to B. If you’re not confident that you have the time, experience or resources to meet your landlord’s expectations, we can help. We can remove the stress from readying your home for its next tenancy, and our services also mean you can benefit from powerful but costly cleaning equipment without having actually to purchase, hire or use it yourself.

Don’t miss out on a penny of your deposit – contact SYK Cleaning today for high calibre end-of-tenancy cleaning.

At SYK Cleaning, we have an excellent reputation when it comes to helping our clients get their deposits back through. Our End of Tenancy Cleaning services are designed to leave no stone unturned, and we use the most reliable cleaning materials in the industry to deliver the best results. Our End of Tenancy Cleaning can include a range of services, such as oven and carpet cleaning. We are highly experienced in all aspects of End of Tenancy Cleaning and always go the extra mile to beat your expectations, as well as your landlord or agents.

Carpets can attract a large amount of dirt and dust during your tenancy. Simply vacuuming your carpet regularly may not be enough to keep your landlord or agent happy, but we can use our specialist equipment and other resources to breathe new life into your floor. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services can be the difference between getting your deposit back and your money being withheld from you, so don’t take risks – let us return your carpet to its former glory. We have access to powerful portable machines, with drying times of just a couple of hours.

We also lead the way when it comes to oven cleaning. Again, ovens can become very grimy during your tenancy, and off-the-shelf oven cleaning products aren’t always powerful enough to deliver the results that you require. We can strip your oven right down to gain access to those tough-to-reach areas, using some of the industry’s most powerful oven cleaning resources. We are waiting to hear from you right now if you require end-of-tenancy cleaning with oven and carpet cleaning included, so why wait any longer to find out more about what we can do for you? Contact us today to book your end-of-tenancy cleaning.

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