House Moving Checklist


SYK cleaners is one of the leading cleaning companies in London. But what if you need to move your house. We are happy to help you. So look at our moving checklist.

4-6 Weeks To Moving Day

  • Book your removal company.
  • Dispose of any items no longer needed. Remember charities, friends, and family may appreciate your pre-loved goods. You don’t want to pay to move those items.
  • Remember to sort through garage/garden shed etc.
  • Make a note of any precious items that may need special care to move.
  • Measure the spaces in your new home to ensure your furniture fits.
  • In the kitchen, use up all opened packets and throw out goods past their use-by date.
  • Check any moving instructions for your washing machine with the manufacturer.
  • Gas cylinders and air bottles should be empty with valves open, flammable liquids safely disposed of.
  • Start using up food in the freezer.
  • Create a folder for all your moving documents.
  • Organise schooling, preschool transfers.
  • If travelling, remember passports, tickets, visas etc.

If Packing Yourself

  • Purchase cartons and packing material
  • Use clean white paper, not newspaper as it soils items.
  • Label every carton clearly as to contents and its room destination
  • Dismantle furniture that comes apart – remember to tape screws etc in an obvious location or label and place in an “ESSENTIALS” carton.
  • Prepare an inventory list of each carton.
  • Pack lighter items in large cartons, heavier items in small cartons.

2-3 Weeks To Moving Day

  • Contact all relevant authorities to notify of your new address.
  • Return library books, videos, DVD’s etc.
  • Arrange for family, friends to mind children and pets on moving day.
  • Arrange transfer of bank accounts.
  • Organise telephone, internet, gas, electricity, Foxtel connections.
  • Arrange move of boat/trailer.
  • Ensure new home will be thoroughly cleaned before your move and also arrange cleaning of your original home after your move.

1 Week To Moving Day

  • Set aside bed linens, towels to be used on the first night so beds can be made up as soon as possible on moving day.
  • Draw up a plan for each room in your new home with furniture placement for your removal company supervisor.
  • Has the car checked if travelling long distances?
  • Indoor plants should be lightly watered and packed into plastic-lined boxes.
  • Cancel newspaper, milk and other deliveries.
  • Drain lawn mower, remove batteries from battery powered items.
  • If you have purchased a new home, ensure you have a final inspection the day before settlement to ensure the home is as you bought it and the fittings and fixtures outlined in the contract remain.
  • Redirect mail through local Post Office.
  • Advise services, eg. babysitter, gardener, cleaner.
  • Prepare an ‘Essentials’ carton that contains important items such as remote controls, shelf supports, bed legs, keys, telephone charger, telephone handset, furniture assembly instructions

2 Days To Moving Day

  • Remember your ‘SURVIVAL’ box. Include important medications, first-aid kit, children favorite toys (especially bedtime friends), toiletries, tea, coffee, kettle, milk, snacks, baby needs, children’s sleepwear and school needs, work clothes and essentials for the following day. Don’t forget the dog’s lead, pet food, and bowls.
  • Collect dry cleaning.
  • Arrange parking and access for RemovalsExpert van/vans.
  • Make sure RemovalsExpert has clear instructions as to your new address and mobile phone numbers.
  • Ascertain access details and key collection for your new home.

The Day Before

  • If scheduled, professional packers will arrive to pack up your household. Make sure you leave out essential items for that evening and the following morning.
  • Defrost, empty, dry out and air your refrigerator.
  • Leave a welcoming note with all relevant information for the new resident. Remember to include your new address and telephone numbers.
  • Prepare bags/cartons with all items that you wish to transport yourselves.

Moving Day

  • Try to keep visitors to your new home to a minimum.
  • Transport perishable food items in a cooler box.
  • Have a plan at hand for furniture placement in the new home.
  • Have at hand your “SURVIVAL” box.
  • If renting, arrange for key collection.
  • Collect all car and house keys, ensure gas and electricity meters have been read and telephone disconnected.
  • If your possessions are being stored or you are moving overseas or interstate, remember to check and sign the inventory.
  • Continue to check house/property for forgotten items as the van is being loaded.
  • Check tops of cupboards.
  • Turn off the power.
  • Lock house, remember to leave keys as specified.

Your New Residence

  • If leasing, document condition of property and furnishings for the appropriate agent.
  • Try to stand at the removal list’s entry point and give clear directions as to furniture placement.
  • Check all utilities are connected, hot water service on.
  • At the completion of unloading, check all is to your satisfaction.
  • If the move is from storage, interstate or overseas, check and sign the inventory.
  • Check that you have all keys and relevant instructions to your new residence.
  • Have security checked and locks changed if concerned.
  • Contact your new local council for garbage collection information and new resident’s folders.
  • Smile and say hello to your new neighbours 🙂
SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning
SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning

We aim to deliver excellent, professional and satisfactory cleaning results to every homeowner or tenant that has decided to trust us. Our end of tenancy cleaning services and prices are all transparent and there are no hidden costs and extra charges. Our bespoke quotes are gaining popularity as they allow people to decide what areas of their home they need cleaning thus only paying for the services they require.


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