Let Your Teens Help Clean

Teens nowadays are very much glued to the computers, cellular phones, tablets and television that it is hard for parents to take their attention away from these modern gadgets. Asking your teens to help you clean your home is very challenging all the more. So how do you make your teens help you clean your home without having them grumble and complain?

Here are a few tips and tricks to let your kids get moving.

  • Parents know that teens do not want to have their lives controlled so the best thing to do is give them a list of cleaning jobs. The list would give them the freedom to choose which task they want to complete first and which tasks they can do later. The tasks should have a timeline to make sure that it would be done.
  • To make sure that the tasks you gave would be done properly, be tolerant in explaining and demonstrating how it should be done. This way, you will not have to keep on repeating how it should be done correctly. If by chance it is not done properly, be patient enough to explain it again.
  • Cleaning products and tools should be very visible so your teens could have a clear view of the products and use them frequently. A wiper for your bathroom mirror can be placed nearby so you kids can clean it before going out of the bathroom.
  • Make the most out of your teens. If you find their cleaning sloppy and it would be better if you are the one cleaning, assign another task which they are good at. If cooking or baking is one of their favourite hobbies, channel it to your advantage. Let them cook for one of your meals, that way you can have more time cleaning the house.
  • Practice clean as you go. Make your teens clean the area they have used before going. An example would be letting them clean the bathroom after they have finished taking a shower. Or throwing the litters which they have scattered in the family room after they have watched a movie.
  • You can also make a cleaning calendar so you teens can check out what tasks they need to complete for the day. You can even give them a reward once they have completed the cleaning task to make cleaning more motivating and goal oriented. An example of your reward would be an hour to play any computer game on a weekday or buy them their favourite snack after they are done with the task. You can think of as many motivating rewards to keep your teens working.

These simple tips and tricks would surely keep your teens make your house clean and organized. These do not only make your household chores lighter, simpler and easier; you are also encouraging them to form a habit of cleaning the house.

So it is a win-win situation for both you and your teens.