Moving Checklist


Useful tips when moving to your new home

Whether this is your first home after your parents’ home, whether you are renting or in your own home, whether it is another home you are changing – as if. We would like to offer you some cunning tips that will make your moving out and moving in easier for both you and your family members.

1. Baggage Moving – Questions and Answers

Move – alone or with a moving company?

Sooner or later it is time for a new place and we have to move our belongings from one apartment to another. At first glance, it’s easy – a little physical load, very good organizing skills, a little help from friends, accidentally available transport, and coincidence in the plans of everyone around you.

Yes, you can do it, but why should you do it?

Here are 7 sure signs that a professional removal company is the best guarantee for a successful move:

  • Moving far away
    You can fill up several boxes and suitcases and throw them in your car. Convenient, but only if you are leaving for a few days at the villa. Every household, however, needs a large truck to safely move all items from point A to point B. Nothing is so embarrassing to pack everything by yourself, to drive a big truck that you are not quite sure you can you drive, on strange roads.
  • Need help
    You need help loading and unloading the furniture. If this is the case and you do not have friends with strong backs and strong hands, it is best to hire a Luggage transfers company to risk doing it yourself. Know – your friends do not want you to move.
  • Valuables
    You are the owner of a valuable piece of art, an expensive collection of wines, a collection of football balls with photos, rare musical instruments, expensive electronics, or other items that require special handling during transportation.
  • You do not have time
    You are busy – you work all day, and the little rest you want to dedicate to the family. It is not worth the most valuable hours to dedicate to loading and unloading. Then call a professional luggage delivery agency.
  • Little children
    You have young children and move to a new city, but you have not hired a babysitter yet. A move will cause you enough tension that will make it difficult for you to look at the children. Is it worth it? Call professionals.
  • Inappropriate season
    Move around during the school year – your children are going to have another test. There are also great festivals that bring together the whole family. Moving has to happen quickly and seamlessly, arrange your new home in time so you do not break the family traditions and tranquility of your children.
  • You have no equipment
    You do not have the equipment to do the move yourself. You do not have a truck, trailer, towing, ropes, etc. You can hire them, you can also look for them from friends and friends of friends. It will cost you money, time and commitment to people in the future. The cost you will provide will exceed the hiring of a professional relocation company.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, it’s certainly time to look for a luggage delivery company. First, rate your budget, then do a survey and find the best moving company.

Take a look at how helped the Evans family when they moved home.

2. How to determine the Moving budget

Budget planning is one of the most burdensome things. The concern will not leave you until the entire move is complete and until you settle down to the new location. Proper budget planning is more important than anything else.

At first, consider how much money you are willing to spend. You will need to do your own personal survey to find out how much each stage of a move is worth. The more you are aware of the different services, the more confident you will be for the financial and logistical part of the moving.

  • Packagin
    You can either make the moving out yourself or pay someone else to do the job. The relocation company can help you in packing, and you need to secure the boxes. There are many traders to buy from them. If this makes it difficult, then the agency will provide the boxes. This will be for you more expensive but the company will pack everything for you and will guarantee your comfort and tranquility.
  • Moving
    Moving is the most expensive part. If you move around, then a friend can help you with a trailer or a truck. It’s worth taking a few courses if you can do the job. Everything will cost you a couple of days and a lot of beer for the friends who have helped.
  • Rental a truck
    You can rent a truck to organize your relocation yourself and save costs. The price will depend on the size of the truck, so it is important to know in advance what volume your baggage will occupy. The price may be even lower if you hire a truck on a business day during the week. The cost will fall further if you take the course yourself and do not use the services of a driver.
  • Hiring a company
    Hiring a relocation company will be more expensive than hiring a truck and moving alone. Professional movers, however, will guarantee you peace of mind. The company will take care of everything – including the most delicate items, as well as the items that need dismantling. Months from October to April are the cheapest because movers are mostly looking for spring and summer. If you can plan a move at the right time of the year, you will save some of the costs.
  • Loading and unloading
    The very thought of loading and unloading causes a backache. So the best choice is to hire a company to do everything – load the goods, transport them, and then upload them to the new location. But if you are able to load and unload your furniture yourself, then you can look for the services of a professional relocation company only for transportation. This will also get you cheaper, just be careful with your back.
  • Storage
    During the move, there will be a period when the items will already be outside the old home, but they will not yet enter the new home. Then you will need a place to store them. Good relocation companies also offer this service. At the end of the process, it may be that the cheapest is to include this service in the package.

It is very important to know every stage of the relocation process, then the savings you can make will become obvious. Also, it’s a good idea to be ready for unexpected spending as well, as you know everything is happening. So, you are ready to set your budget.

3. How to prepare your home for moving out

Your own home. Bigger than the previous one. A new start in a new city or neighborhood. It will certainly not be easy. The good news is that there are a few simple ways to reject part of the load and make your life easier. You do not have to hire a relocation company, although this is the best way to reduce stress. Let’s start in a row:

  • Тhe unnecessary things
    Start with one box (or a few), label them “Discard”, “Donate”, and/or “Garage Sale” and place them in such a place in your home that they do not interfere with anyone. Thus, each member of the family will begin to critically examine his belongings in the rooms and decide in which box to leave them. No unnecessary tension and fuss.
  • Earlier
    The earlier you pack, the better. Certainly, there are things in the house that are used seasonally or less often, so start from them. Decorations for holidays, clothes for another season and more. can be carefully packaged, labeled and left aside.
  • In pieces
    Wrap in parts. You do not have to pack all the goods in one day. Walk around the house, choose from which room to start, pick up the kitchen timer and packing materials. Set the timer for a few hours and try packing as long as you can for the set time. (remember to use the “Discard” and “Donate” boxes). Do not let this work go all day, just take a few more minutes to complete the job so you do not overwork.
  • Items for Repairs
    Identify items that need repair. Mark them with colored tape. If the fix requires an explanation, write the details on the bar. Once packing and stacking in each room is completed, you can take care of the things that need repair.
  • Cleaning
    Clean each room while the repair continues or just after it is over. Clean walls, doors, ceilings and then close the door. You can even put a “Clean” sign on each door so everyone knows that the room is ready for use. For your convenience, relaxation, and leisure, it is better to use the services of a professional cleaning company. But for those who want make the end of tenancy cleaning alone you can take some good advice from The End of tenancy cleaning guide.
  • Move to the kitchen
    Before moving, reduce the space you use, the kitchen is most difficult to pack and carry. If you can work at home, put your laptop on the kitchen counter and use it for a few days to clean up and pack the rest of the space. There is another way to pack and transport the kitchen – start packing the utensils and kitchen appliances you use less often. In a few drawers, leave the most necessary for your everyday life, which is always at hand. Then clean the empty cabinets and mark them with a tape marked “Cleaned”. In this way, no one will confuse them and when the day of transfer occurs, you can simply put in the box the contents of the lockers with the most necessary and to get into the car.
  • Stop shopping
    Stop shopping every day. People store more frozen vegetables, meat and any food leftovers than they suspect. Do not increase this quantity, but try to reduce it. It is unnecessary to carry half a bottle of milk, but it is unwise to dispose of a few liters. Flour, sugar, other kinds of food – or pack them, or give them to your neighbors, friends or the nearby social kitchen.

If you hire professional movers, forget all these packing tips. Just call them in time and they will take the big part of the job.

4. What to do with all the things before moving?

You are moving into a new home. This is an excellent opportunity to decide what to do with your belongings before moving. You must do this before you start packing. The things have sentimental value for each of us, so the decision what to do with them can be a difficult task. Still, we’ll help you decide what to keep, what to stock and what to sell.

First and foremost, select the items before moving. So you will also have fewer items to take with you in the new home.

  • What to keep
    You’ve worked hard to buy most of your belongings. That’s why you can not easily give up on them. Try the question of how often you have used a certain item in the last year and if it turns out you did not use it – you do not need it. You have not even suspected how many of the subjects you just surround yourself without needing. This will allow someone else who really needs this item to use them.
  • What to leave in stock
    Surely there are things you rarely use, but you do not want to part with them. Items that have a strong emotional value for you may need to go into storage. The furniture – there are certainly some of them in which you really invested with love. But your new home is likely to be different in size, and many of the old furniture will have no place there. If they are valuable, keep them in a room or simply separate them.
  • Which things to sell
    Furniture has value and is worth selling. So those who need them will be happy to buy them, and you will be happy to make good money from them. The garage sale is a popular and convenient form for selling old furniture. For a sellout to be successful, you need to attract the attention of potential buyers – mostly neighbors and friends. You need some space – yard or garage. Objects should not just be scattered on the ground, they should be ordered and have a price tag. You’ll need two friends too. One will act as a cashier and will keep the box with the amount collected. The other will move to potential customers and talk to them.

What is still important in the sale – the things you suggest are clean and in good condition, be carefully arranged and customers feel comfortable while looking at them. It is good to have clothes on hangers. And no less important is to offer your friends and neighbors sandwiches and coffee.

Nowadays, we are increasingly trading online as well. Some clothes can even sell with the help of online retailers. If there are things among things that make it hard to figure out the price, remember that you can give them like a present too. Better find a way to get rid of unnecessary items.

5. Transference – the first tasks in the new home

So, you’re already in the new place and a lot of work is waiting for you. There are a few things you need to do before the transfer company has brought your belongings. Here are some friendly tips that will make the transfer easier and help you quickly turn the new home into your home.

Electricity, water, telephone

Contact your utilities immediately in the new location – electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable TV and the Internet – to check if you need to transfer them in your own name. It is best to call the supplying companies as soon as the transfer date is clear, so the services will be activated the day before you move. It will be great to have the air conditioners turned on, to be light and the refrigerator to work when you arrive in the new place.

Goodbye to bugs

Call a pest control company before you move and we’ve brought your luggage. One never knows what the house was, especially if it was empty for a while.

Clean, Cleaner, The Cleanest!

It is easiest to clean your new home before our transport team has brought your luggage. So you will not have to move objects further to clear every corner of the house. Wipe the floor, windows, countertops, shelves, drawers, and so on. This will help you feel at home. Clean and disinfect the flooring in your new home, run the dishwasher and the washing machine, clean the stove, refrigerator and freezer. It’s a good idea to replace the toilet bowl.

  • The electrical board
    Find the electrical board. Check the main fuse and make sure each switch is correctly labeled. Find out where the water meter and the water tap are located.
  • Smoking prohibited
    Check that there are enough smoke detectors in the building and test each of them. Prepare an evacuation plan in the event of an emergency – fire, flood. Make sure there is a fire extinguisher on each floor.
  • First aid kit
    You should always have a first aid kit in your home. It must be in an easy place. Moving sometimes leads to injuries.
  • Who’s there?
    Replace the cartridges on all doors. They got a keychain with keys at check-in. You do not know how many such keys there are and who has them. Do not risk someone unknown getting into your new home.
  • Where’s the toilet paper?
    Open the most important transfer box – “Open First”. It contains the most necessary – such as toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, garbage bags, cups and plates, scissors, snacks and paper towels.
  • Where do you live?
    Change your address registration in the municipality and notify the post office, the bank, the credit company, the insurance company. Change your vehicle registration and driving license.

There are a lot more things to do when transferring a new place, but these basic tips are the first step to turning the new place into your home.

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SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning

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