Moving out of a rented property? Don’t lose your deposit!

I have been renting for a long time but last month I have decided that it is time for me to move into my own place. I got promoted and decided that I am ready to get a mortgage. I found my new home pretty easy as I have a friend in a real estate agency that helped me with it. So, now it is the exciting time of moving. I have packed and moved all my things and was ready to end my tenancy. However before I did that I wanted to make sure that I will get my deposit back as it will help me towards my first instalment for my mortgage. I knew that cleaning the apartment will be a daunting task however I have decided to tackle it myself.

I certainly didn’t want to waste my time so I decided to call my friend and ask him if he has any idea what I should pay most attention to.

I don’t want to sound like a person that will not care to clean everywhere but I wanted to make sure that I have cleaned to perfection all the areas that a letting agency would inspect. My friend rang me later that day and provided me with the checklist they normally use at the end of a tenancy agreement.

End of Tenancy cleaning checklist

So, in the given checklist I could see that I need to make sure I wash down and polish (whilst ensuring I leave no smears) the doors and the door frames, door fittings as they can get very dirty with constant touching.

The ceilings and the walls need to be free from dust. Extra attention needs to be paid to the flooring of the property as it also gets a lot of dirt. The carpets need to be refreshed as sometimes unpleasant odors can come out of them. I have a wooden floor in my living room so I actually have to go on my hands and knees to scrub it well with a brush. The skirting boards will have to be dust free too and washed. I have chandeliers in every room so I have to clean them well and remove any cobwebs. The windows and the window frames will need to be washed and polished making sure again there are no smears.

So, far it sounds like an overwhelming task and I am wondering whether to spend some time researching for the best cleaning agency that can do all this for me. I have decided not to give up yet and just continue reading to see what else there is to do as so far I have only roughly covered the bedrooms and the living room.

The inventory checklist given by the real estate agency continues with the bathroom and the kitchen. In the bathroom, I will have to clean all of the bathroom fittings, any shower curtains, radiators and extractor fans. There is a little note on the list that antibacterial products have to be used in the area and bleach which is pretty understandable as the bathroom is one of the places with the most bacteria in the property. The kitchen comes next as one of the most difficult areas to be cleaned as in my case, I don’t own the appliances so I have to make sure they look brand new. Special attention has to be paid to the oven as it has collected a lot of grease through the years although I clean it often. I need to also decrease the extractor fan and clean the filters. The kitchen units also have to be cleaned inside and out.

I have looked at my enormous list once again and decided that I don’t want to waste my time and save myself some hassle and call to action a cleaning agency that will make sure the inventory checklist is followed and the property is presentable for the inspection of the real estate agency. This will guarantee my deposit back as far as cleaning is concerned. I would say that if you want to tackle your property yourself, you should follow the inventory checklist so you don’t miss any important areas.